Corinium discussion format

Corinium events are different. As the name of our events would suggest, by attending you will be in a room packed full of C-Suite Executives from the Data, Analytics & Digital space. Simply put, these Decision-makers are here to network. 

That’s why our Corinium discussion format is the beating heart of our events. We connect the leading minds in the industry and focus them into dedicated discussion groups where all participants face the same core issues. 

Each group brings together the most knowledgeable people into these informal discussions where everybody participates. We find that over 65% of the participants in our discussion groups contribute to the conversation. 

Our attendees consistently remark upon the success of these discussions saying:


"The great thing about the discussion was how easy it was to join in"

"We find them so much more inclusive than your normal conference"

"The informality leads to a wider range of topics being discussed"

"Participants are so much more energised and passionate"

"The discussion groups always breed creative and intelligent thinking"

How do they work?

Once our expert Co-Chairs begin the discussion with their initial thoughts, delegates are invited to offer their own experiences or questions, thus sparking a free-flowing and open conversation. If you were to walk into the room mid-way through the session, you would probably be unable to distinguish the Co-Chairs from the delegates. What’s more, our events offer up to 4 concurrent discussion groups allowing you to tailor your own event experience and select the sessions that best address your pressing concerns.

If you're interested in co-hosting a discussion group contact [email protected]


Benefits of attending

Hear perspectives from Jeanne Bliss (CEO of Customer Bliss, and author of Chief Customer Officer 2.0) and Jose Vergara (Chief Customer Officer at McKesson) on the growth of customer experience and the Chief Customer Officer as well as critical success factors in getting business value from improved CX Getting Business Value from Improved Customer Experience.

Align your sales, marketing and digital functions with case studies. Understand the latest tactics being employed by senior customer experience executives at MasterCard and Hilton to resource, recruit and retain the right customer experience professionals to your organisation.

Evaluate the challenges in instilling a culture customer centricity by democratizing the customer experience and promoting a culture of responsibility.

Learn more by viewing the in-depth agenda HERE


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