Justin Reilly

Justin Reilly

Job Title: Head of Customer Experience Innovation

Company: Verizon Fios

Justin Reilly is an entrepreneur, innovator, strategist and thought leader, passionate about the intersection of Marketing, Product and Customer Experience.  At Verizon, he is responsible for digital strategy and innovation, 5-year customer-centric growth and CX practice maturity for the Fios brand. He has a proven track record of ensuring that the life and liberty of Big Ideas shine through in tactical roadmaps. A frequent speaker on Customer Centricity and Digital Strategy, Justin’s eclectic background has afforded him the privilege to work with Fortune 500 brands across the world in a number of capacities.

Prior to Verizon, he was a Director of Strategy and Experience at Macquarium, lead the Strategy and Innovation team at Arke Systems and was a partner at Grey Seven Labs, a digital products group focused on cross-platform insights and intelligence for the enterprise. He co-founded Qstir.com, a comprehensive social marketplace and has a significant background in international lead generation, customer experience, performance marketing and digital products.

Outside of the office, Justin is an award winning Spoken Word artist, a graduate from Wharton Business School and Penn Basketball alum. He possesses an unhealthy obsession with big data and a general disdain for low hanging doorways and small spaces.

Speaking at the following:

9.15am - 9.45am
Keynote Presentation: The Blueprint – Advocating a Customer-Centric Culture of Innovation Across Distributed Touch Points

Most organizations understand the benefits of customer-centricity, however the transformation can be challenging. What is the next step and how can this be spearheaded by executive leadership? How do you build an agile culture of creativity and approach to digital design, unifying the distributed touchpoints to form a cohesive brand experience? Examining the intersection between… Read more.