Rosalyn Curato

Rosalyn Curato

Job Title: Chief Customer Officer

Company: Allovue

Rosalyn Curato is Chief Customer Officer at Allovue. She was drawn to Allovue after working in education consulting for two years and seeing how much time and effort was spent data crunching, sacrificing time that should have been spent on strategizing. There had to be a better solution out there.

At Allovue, Rosalyn and her team focus all of their efforts on the double bottom line: fostering sustainable customer relationships while creating an impact at the school districts they partner with. She believes in working with a sense of urgency and adaptability, to create change while learning from past experiences.

Before her foray into education, Rosalyn spent six years at Citigroup during the start and heart of the subprime crisis. In the wake of the recession, Rosalyn’s work focused on projects related to the restructuring of Citi, and she ultimately received an accelerated promotion to Vice President in the Corporate M&A team.

Rosalyn received a B.S. from NYU’s Stern School of Business. She lives in the DC metro area with her husband, Paul.

Speaking at the following:

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