Navigating Seamless Multi-Channel Customer Experience

By ryanmatthews | July 13, 2017

There is a lot of talk around the millennial customer in terms of “that generation”, but we shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that 21st century customer experience is limited to 16 – 30 year olds. Today’s companies need to interact across multiple channels, provide services through several touchpoints and ensure a seamless experience to all customers…. Read more.

Want an honest measure of your customer centricity? Try this.

By Corinium | January 10, 2017

  When asking the question to Senior Executives “How Customer-Centric is your company”, there are typically two answers: We are very Customer-Centric We are way behind on this The strange thing is that in both cases, many of them are wrong. Those that think they are very Customer-Centric are regularly siloed, disconnected and slow but… Read more.

Your Company Needs a Chief Customer Officer. Here’s the biggest reason why

By Alexis Efstathiou | December 14, 2016

  In today’s dynamic business environment, the one thing that should be of constant importance is the value of the customer as the lifeline of any organisation. Although many executives and business leaders are likely to agree with this notion, very few have successfully harnessed this belief and elevated the strategic importance of the customer’s… Read more.

A Closer Look at Customer Experience (CX) in the Digital Age

By Alexis Efstathiou | November 15, 2016

  Social media and digital have had a profound impact on the way in which humans interact with one another, so it’s only natural that these mediums have also had significant implications for customer service and the strategies used by today’s companies to engage with their consumers. With the rapid development in technology, organisations are… Read more.

How a CCO Thrives During CX Transformation

By Event Team | October 11, 2016

The Chief Customer Officer role will evolve as you progress through the phases of the Customer Experience Maturity Map. Years one through three are the disruption, blocking and tackling years.  Employees know how to achieve results within their silo walls. Embedding competencies into the organization will disrupt their deeply rooted silo-based operations, their definitions and… Read more.

How to optimize customer experience cross-functional teams

By Event Team | October 11, 2016

  ‘Cross-functional teams’ can often sound like a business buzzword. While teamwork and collaboration is no doubt important in business, most of the day-to-day work that most employees do tends to be either (a) individual or (b) within their silo. Who has time for cross-functional teams in a modern business environment? If you start talking… Read more.