Conference Day One


9:15am- 9:45am

Keynote: Defining the path of the next generation Chief Customer Officer

• How to convince the c-suite to buy into the position and show the business case in a modern customer-centric business • What does “putting the customer first” mean to your business? • Why companies should adopt the CCO role to champion the customer • What defines the role of a CCO today and how… Read more.

Matt Laszlo
Chief Customer Officer - The Clorox Company

9:45am- 10:15am

Keynote: The Chief Customer Officer’s most influential asset: creating meaning through Storytelling

• Valuing and understanding the customer journey to create meaningful solutions • Create experiences that hold real value for the customer and internally focus the intent of the business • Proactive customer involvement and engagement drives satisfaction and advocacy • Create and emotional attachment through understanding and delivering more than just a product or service… Read more.


10:15am- 10:45am

Keynote: Organizational barriers to achieving customer centric goals

• One size does not fit all: identifying Operational Silos (Functions); Channel Silos (Interactions); Hierarchical Silos (Organization) • Unifying silos to build a company wide approach to customer experience • Integrating different departments to drive cross-functional data collection and analysis • Advanced cross-channel measurement practices to understand and influence multiple touch-points • Collaboration and consistency… Read more.

10:45am- 11:15am

Morning Coffee

11:15am- 12:00pm

Panel discussion: Bridging the gap between promise and reality

• Matching greater customer choice, knowledge, information and power to your CX and CS strategies • Your brand promise is determined by the customer’s experience and nothing else • Redefining your organisational structure to put the customer first • Who is really responsible for driving end-to-end customer experience in the organisation • Dealing with the… Read more.

Lance Gruner
Executive Vice President, Global Customer Care - Mastercard
Tony Drummond
Vice President Client Experience - Manheim
Roberta O’Keith
Business Intelligence Leader - Black & Veatch
Anahita Reilly
Chief Customer Officer - GSA

12:00pm- 12:30pm

Keynote: The future of customer experience: multiple insights, AI and automated design

• Fear of change: AI is the disrupter to all you thought you knew about customer experience • Making sense of the data you already have instead of worrying about how to capture it • Delivering a seamless customer experience: how AI will intuitively build and nurture the customer journey • How to move from… Read more.

Dutta Satadip
Director Customer Success - Americas - Google

12:30pm- 1:00pm

Keynote: Reserved for Chief Customer Officer USA Partner

Contact the team to find out about this thought leadership opportunity.

1:00pm- 2:00pm


Discussion Group Stream A: B2B Customer Experience

2:00pm- 2:45pm

A1: Mapping the B2B Customer Journey

• What does the B2B environment look like – the complexities of B2B • B2B v B2C: how do customers differ • Budgets, time frames, approval, project scope, expectations and relationships • How can you develop deep meaningful relationships without putting the customer at the forefront of your business?

Duygu Cibik
Chief Customer Success Officer - Reval

2:45pm- 3:30pm

A2: Putting the customer first: B2B success and experience initiatives

• Noting the differences between B2B customer experience and customer success • Managing and defining critical relationships on a personal and business level • How to generate an emotional connection with the client and build rapport • Know their business and let them know yours

Tony Drummond
Vice President Client Experience - Manheim

4:00pm- 4:45pm

A3: The power of customer advocates in B2B

• Customer advocates are the new not-so secret weapon to gain competitive advantage • Referrals bring higher quality leads and references close deals • Customers want to deal with peers who are invested in their success • Listen to your advocates and enable them to convert nay-sayers

Peggy Carrieres
Vice President Strategy - AVNET

4:45pm- 5:30pm

A4: Providing the right product or service to the right client at the right time

• Seamlessly combine your online and offline B2B customer experience • Your B2B also expect convenience, collaboration and customization • eCommerce is driving B2B sales – are you on board? • Reaching a new generation of B2B customers

Grace Cowan
Senior Vice President Customer Service & Experience - Clean Harbors

Discussion Group Stream B: Organizational Structure

2:00pm- 2:45pm

B1: How to create a customer obsessed ethos throughout your organization

• Designing and starting customer experience transformation • Deciding which organizational structure will best serve your customer and your business • Is your company capable of responding to change – what to watch out for • The big question: will changing your organisational structure improve your customers’ experience?

Roberta O’Keith
Business Intelligence Leader - Black & Veatch
Anahita Reilly
Chief Customer Officer - GSA

2:45pm- 3:30pm

B2: Taking advantage of customer information across the business

• Getting operations, production, sales, marketing and customer services to work together • What to do with all the data? • How to exploit customer information across the organization to build a real competitive advantage • Leveraging company wide data and analysis to create value for customers

4:00pm- 4:45pm

B3: Creating value for customers that creates value for the business

• Under-promising and over-delivering – aligning each touch point to influence the customer • Communicating the difference between customer service and customer experience to operational departments • Enmeshing brand value and corporate value systems to create an emotional connection • What can each department do to create value for my customer?

Karyn Furstman
Senior Vice President Customer Experience - Safeco Insurance

4:45pm- 5:30pm

B4: Where does customer centricity fit into your organizational structure

• The c-suite wants little involvement and are resistant to change. Where to now? • Handling business transformation: vision, governance, journey design, metrics and change-management • Is it better to drive change functionally or cross-functionally • Sequencing multiple customer journeys to match your business intention

Discussion Group Stream C: Customer Data & Metrics

2:00pm- 2:45pm

C1: Key metrics for customer experience success

• Response time and managing contact volume across various channel • Problem resolution and improving customer satisfaction • Did you give the customer what they wanted • How and where are your customers rating your service

2:45pm- 3:30pm

C2: Formulating your customer data management strategy

• Identify the stakeholders and who is responsible for the data • Perform a needs assessment to inform you customer data strategy • Make sense of your data strategy options and align with business requirements • Get final buy-in from all stakeholders within the business to allow implementation

Kyle Wierenga
Director of Analytics & Measurement - Aimia

4:00pm- 4:45pm

C3: Improving customer retention through better analytics

• Existing customers generate more revenue, require less resources and cost less to service than new customers; happy customer advocate your business • Maximising the goals of retention strategies • Getting value from data: formulate questions, generate hypothesis, gather data, analyse data, take action • Automating data and analytics to build insights and create action… Read more.

4:45pm- 5:30pm

C4: Creating a customer feedback loop that has real meaning to both customer and business

• Identifying the root cause of the problem • To an individual customer every interaction is personal • Rethinking customer data collection: getting more out of surveys, self-service, feedback forms, reviews and testimonials • Reporting and taking action at executive level

3:30pm- 4:00pm

Afternoon Coffee

5:45pm- 7:15pm

Cocktail Reception

7:00pm- 9:00pm

Dinner Masterclass A: Customer Experience in the Digital Age

• Why you need a comprehensive digital strategy • Digital transformation is not governed by internal factors but by external customer expectation • Digital transformation is unstoppable: transform or perish • Digitisation has changed consumer behaviour for good • Integrated IT systems are the present not the future

7:00pm- 9:00pm

Dinner Masterclass B: Creating Customers for Life

• Taking a customer to repeat customer to lifelong advocate • Creating value from data and insights to deliver outstanding customer experience that builds loyalty • How one bad experience can lead to snowball effect – handling customer service disasters • Building a community that serves your customers and enables them to serve each other… Read more.