Jim Pendergast

Jim Pendergast

Job Title: Senior Vice President AARP Experience

Company: AARP

I am a Customer Experience & Support Operations Executive with deep expertise and passion around Customer Experience design practices and operational standards for Journey Mapping, Voice of the Customer, Social Media/Community Support, Customer Centric Design, Customer Insights and Analysis, as well as architecting an overall Customer Experience Ecosystem. I bring 20+ years of leadership spanning Start-ups, Small Business, Web Consumer, Enterprise software, Communication Service Provider industries and have successfully bridged cross-organizationally with sales & marketing, product management, software development, service architecture and service/support delivery roles. I believe our goal should be simple – make every customer touch point matter…giving customers the right answer, at the right time.

My CX Lens fuels my belief system:

1. Your industry competition isn’t your CX competition. Your CX competition are the great brands out there who understand customer experience and execute it flawlessly. They’re the ones raising the CX bar and setting expectations every day that you’ll need to meet and exceed.

2. Whether you know it or not, every interaction with your customers leaves a lasting memory. It’s the culmination of all of these micro interactions that result in the overall perception that your customers have of you. One bad act can overturn years of great experiences. Everyone needs to live the brand.

3. Customer experience happens at the intersection of customer intent and delivery of your brand promise. Expectation versus delivery. Picture a Venn diagram, minimal delivery will result in slight overlap of two circles, where great delivery will provide an ‘eclipse’ event for your customers.

Specialties: Customer Experience (CX) Design & Architecture, CX Ecosystem design and management, Self Service Innovation, CX Cultural Alignment & Tuning, and Voice of Customer program design and operations, Service and Support Operations.

Speaking at the following:

10:15am - 10:45pm
Panel discussion: Bridging the gap between promise and reality

• Matching greater customer choice, knowledge, information and power to your CX and CS strategies • Your brand promise is determined by the customer’s experience and nothing else • Redefining your organisational structure to put the customer first • Who is really responsible for driving end-to-end customer experience in the organisation • Dealing with the… Read more.