Jose Vergara

Jose Vergara

Job Title: Vice President Enterprise Customer Experience

Company: Change Healthcare

Since 1996, I have been driven by an enduring passion for customer excellence and success. Throughout my executive career at Fortune 500 companies such as McKesson, Citibank, Lusacell/Verizon, DirecTV, HSBC, and Telefonica Movistar, my focus has been on delivering customer-focused outcomes, improving customer experiences, and transforming company cultures to drive business growth.

My name is Jose Vergara and I am the Chief Customer Officer at McKesson Medical Imaging (now Change Healthcare), where I direct our cultural transformation strategy and its alignment with our customers’ key success factors, achieved through the development of data modeling and analytics, customer relationship management, and operational change management.

I am responsible for USD $200M+ of top line revenue, growing it by fostering customer engagement, keeping customer attrition and revenue compression at an industry minimum, increasing customer share of wallet, and increasingly achieving operational efficiencies. This has resulted in sustained top line growth of 3% YoY and a profit margin increase of 5 PP to a high of 82%.

I have built an extensive career as both customer leader and change agent in my field by heading up B2C and B2B customer operations holistically, powering innovation, and taking the customer conversation from the transactional level to the C-Suite, as part of a company’s strategy for growth and profitability.

What drives me is supporting a company through deep cultural transformation when it comes to customer excellence – changing human behaviors, delivering customer experiences, improving customer loyalty, building business success.

Speaking is another passion of mine and I have presented at Chief Customer Officer industry events and with subject matter experts across Canada and the US. I am also an MBA graduate from the IPADE Business School.

Speaking at the following:

3:40pm - 4:10pm
Keynote: Generating real value from the customer

• Not all customers are the same: how to gain insight that makes each customer 10X more valuable • Driving top-line profit and determining real ROI through customer-centric strategies • What are the critical customer success factors that generate true business value • Tailoring product pricing, innovation and external messaging from customer influence • How… Read more.

4:10pm - 4:50pm
Panel discussion: Employee Engagement

Developing the right team to meet your customer experience objectives: recruitment, training and talent development Building a roadmap for the employee journey across multiple channels – generating customer intuition and operating as a customer-centric company Aligning people, process and performance to drive customer success and satisfaction Foster a learning culture to strengthen product knowledge and… Read more.