Josue Berlanga

Josue Berlanga

Job Title: Senior Director, Customer Service & Experience

Company: Walmart eCommerce Mexico & Latin America

Josue Berlanga is a Sr. Director who works with Walmart de Mexico at eCommerce division to handle different customer related topics.

Josue believes on getting results based on gaining trust and commitment from his teams. Josue has worked at different industries since the regular call center to financial and banks, startups and big corporates always with great results quantitative and qualitative speaking, from launching a contact center from scratch to improve services, processes and tools but must important changing groups and silos into effective teams working for a single purpose.

Josue passion from service came since childhood, being son of divorced parents and a mother who worked two shifts he has to take care of his small brother, and since then he understand taking care of others is something he love and enjoy.

Josue is graduated from Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon and has a bachelor’s degree on Engineering on Electronics and Communications, he had the opportunity of learning customer services not from Mexico standards but from major international companies, like Pagemart/Weblink Wireless a paging company, Sprint PCS, and AT&T Wireless, where he understood the difference between good service and an excellent service and understanding engagement and loyalty.

Josue started his career as a customer services executive at the same time he kept studying collage, he got expertise on every position, from training, supervisor, human resources, quality assurance and after 8 years on the same company decided he needed new challenges so he moved to a brand new contact center with new and good technology but lacking processes and operating procedures, so he implemented Quality, Training and Supporting Areas and cutting the gap between operations and QA.

After 4 years he received the opportunity of learning a new business, the financial world. Mexico’s new boom of niche banks offered the possibility to implement much of the previous experience but also learn not only to give service from distance but also to do it face to face, coordinating kiosk sales, and cashier procedures.
Thanks to his vision and ability to learn he got a risky offer, leave the corporate side of the financial world to get into a .com startup and going from a 150 people team to 10 and from a corporate world to a family business model. The pure eCommerce business was a new love and offered him what he always wanted to do: try, fail, improve and try again. was a 2 years project who let him learn every single role into a eCommerce business, his experience in developing projects, logistics, marketing and of course customer service.
Finally and 4 years ago, Josue got a new big challenge into the biggest employer on Mexico, Walmart. He has been on different roles but today he leads almost all the customer related issues for eCommerce: Payments methods and Frauds, Control Desk, Customer Service, Phone Sales, CRM and his new created area Customer Experience, who has been a great asset on not only fix whatever got broken on the process but also defining our Customer Journeys and assuring we are fixing the paint points from roots.

Speaking at the following:

10:15am - 10:45am
Panel discussion: How can brands, businesses and customers work together in a multichannel world?

• Customers demand immersive, tailored, cross-functional and cross-brand experiences – how to select like-minded partners • Matching customer centricity across brands and services to create innovative experiences • Who is ultimately responsible for the customer and how is responsibility determined • Driving service and product innovation through co-creation • Learning from the customer via multi-channel… Read more.

11:15am - 12:00pm
F1: Optimizing consistent customer experience

• Documenting and analyzing customer feedback from multiple channels • Integrating Big Data from CRMs, POS, eCommerce platforms, web analytics and social media • Why are customers dropping off – where is their friction point and along which channel • Ask the right questions at the right touchpoint